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  • Music of the spheres


    2021  Parlophone Records                        Made in Germany Emoji universo Higher Power Humankind Emoji estrella Let Somebody Go Emoji Corazón People of the Pride Biutyful Emoji Planeta My Universe Emoji Simbolo Universo Coloratura  

  • Chemtrails Over the country club


    2021  Universal Music                        Made in France Lado A White Dress                                      5:33 Chemtrails Over The Cuntry Club     4:31 Tulsa Jesus Freak           …

  • Thirst For Romance


    2007 EMI Records                Made in U.S.A. Thirst For Romance 4am Mountain Bird People Help The People Roses Dead Man’s Suit False Alarm Alfred The Great Here Come The Romans Mary On The Mend Mathematics

  • We Are Not Alone


    2004 Discos K              Hecho en Colombia So Cold Simple Design Follow Firefly Break My Fall Forget It Sooner Or Later Breakdown Away Believe Rain

  • Karma and Effect


    2005 BMG Music                             Hecho en Colombia Because of me Remedy Truth The gift Burrito Given Never leave World falls away Tongue I’m the one Simplest mistake Diseased Plastic man

  • Once upon a time in the west


    2007 Necessary Records                                Made in U.S.A Suburban knights I shall overcome Tonight Watch me fall apart I close my eyes Television Help me please Can’t get along (Without you) We need love Little angel The king

  • Las Trolas


    2000 LTL Laboratorio Musical Cortito Le Bleu Santuli A.C.T. Moco What’s People Say NSBB Que Haces? EL Cuadro y Solo Quieren Bailar Ni No’Vimo Checo Tomorrow Ocalera Do Inferno Donovan

  • Venus Doom


    2007 Sire Records                          Hecho en México Venus doom Love in cold blood Passion’s killing floor The kiss of dawn Sleepwalking past hope Dead lover’s lane Song or suicide Bleed well Cyanide sun

  • Fuerteventura


    2011 Sony Music                         Hecho en Colombia Everyday everynight The sun the trees I hate you but i love you Braver soldier Fuerteventura The memory is cruel Trarantino My love is gone January 14th Nick Drake A hat Cigarettes revisited

  • Sacred Cow


    1996 Warner Bross           Made in Germany Granddad’s Opening Address Whoever  You Are Lotta Stuff Century Plant 2000 Sacred Cow House Of Usher (Inside) Don’t Close The Door Such A Beautiful Night She Withers Las Vegas With The Lights Out Mem Shed Gina

  • Newborn


    2002 Sony Music (Holland) Yesterday Under Pressure Common God Mouthful Feed On Me Self Control Frail Wrong Erase You Breathless Chosen Soothe Me Awake Without Me

  • Planet Helpless


    2002 Universal Island Records        Made In The EU. Walking Dead   3:22 Prodigal Song   3:31 How Does It Feel?   3:05 Analgesic Love Song   3:41 She’s Gotten Over You   3:25 Make Time   3:27 Planet Helpless   3:04 Ironstone Izadora   3:32 You Move Me  3:49 Comfort When You Smile   4:02 Heart Of Gold   3:41 Throw Me…

  • One Day As A Lion


    2008 Anti, Inc                  Made In U.S.A.          86978-2 Wild International Ocean View Last Letter If You Fear Dying One Day As A Lion

  • Aim At Midem 2003


    Aim -The Association of Independent Music CD 1 Fresh n feat. Kayleigh – Mike E feat. Kayleigh  3:50 Koala Ko- Ordination – Zabrinski   4:54 Ooh La La Laa   – Satelite     3:09 Global Beats (edit)  ECT     5:00 Permed Past Her Prime – Mommy and Daddy   3:52 The Nothing Room – Little Death Orchestra   4:…

  • Civilian


    2011 Merge Records       Made in U.S.A. Two Small Deaths The Alter Holy Holy Dogs Eyes Civilian Fish Plains Hot As Day We Here Wealth Doubt

  • Sparks


    Made in France                    FictCD001 You Know You’re Good (La La La Song) Out Of My Place Push Me Around Talking Revenge Two Sparks Tommy Humanoid Zero Russian LSD Denied Bonus Tracks: Angel Eyes Telephone Unknown Sadr City Blues (Acoustic)

  • From under the cork tree


    2005 The Island Def Jam Group           Made in the EU. Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn’t get sued Of all the gin joints in all the world Dance, dance Sugar, we’re going down Nobody puts baby in the corner I’ve got a darl akkey…

  • Language. Sex. Violence. Other?


    Sum Records                               Hecho en Colombia Superman Doofman Brother Devil Dakota Rewind Pedalpusher Girl Lolita Deadhead Feel

  • Astronomy for does (Promocional)


    2007 EMI Records                           Made in the EU Setting sun Robot man I am the unknown Tomorrow Rox Only waiting She don’t love me no more Glover Honest again The happy song Caravan

  • All the right reasons


    2005 Roadrunner Records                         Hecho en Colombia Follow you home Right for all the wrong reasons Photograph Animals Savin’ me Far away Next contestant Side of a bullet If everyone cared Someone that you’re with Rockstar

  • Journal for plague lovers


    2009 Sony Music                        Made in the EU. Peeled apples Jackie Collins exitential question time Me and Stephen Hawking This joke sport severed Journal for plague lovers She bathed herself in a bath of bleach Facing page: top left Marlon J.D. Doors closing slowly All…

  • The bravery


    2005 The Island Def Jam         Made in U.S.A. An honest mistake No brakes Fearless Tyrant Give in Swollen summer Public service announcement Out of line Unconditional The ring song Rites of spring

  • With us until you’re dead


    2012  Dangervisit Records Wiped out Interlace Stick me in my heart Conflict Violently Calm now Silent Twisting Things going down Hatchet Damage Rise

  • Whip it on


    2003 Sony Music      Hecho en Colombia Attack of the ghost riders Veronica fever Do you believe her Chains Cops on our tail My tornado Bowels of the beast Beat city

  • Up from the catacombs the best of


    2006 Rhino Entertainment Company      Hecho en México stop! Ocean size Whores Ted, just admit it Ain’t no right Had a dad Superhero Been caught stealling Just because Three days I would for you Classic girl Summertime rolls Mountain song Pigs in zen Jane says (Live)

  • la dusseldorf


    1976 Nova Records                Hecho en Colombia                   622550AO Lado A Dusseldorf       13:17 La Dusseldorf     4:28 Lado B Silver Cloud     8:01 Time      9:24  

  • heart of glass


    1979  Discos Philips        Hecho en Colombia           6155242 A1- Heart of Glass B1- Rifle Ringe

  • High Flying Birds


    2017 Universal Music Colombia Who Built The Moon? Fort Knox Holy Mountain Keep On Reaching It´s A Beautiful World She Taught Me How To Fly Be Careful What You Wish For Black & White Sunshine Interlude (Wednesday Part 1) If Love Is The Law The Man Who built The Moon End Credits (Wednesday Part 2)…

  • The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn


    2007 Touch and Go Records            Printed in U.SA Rainbowarriors Promise Bloody Twins Japan Sunshine Black Poppies Werewolf Animals Houses Girl And The Geese Miracle

  • armed forces


    1978 Riviera Global                     Printed in U.S.A                   JC35709 Side One Accidents Will Happen Senior Service/ Oliver´s Army Big Boys Green Shirt Party Girl Side Two Goon Squad Busy Bodies Moods For Moods For Moderns Chemistry Class Two Little Hitlers…

  • All That You Can’t Leave Behind


    2020 Universal Music                     Hecho en México CD 1 Beautiful Day Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of Elevation Walk On Kite In a Little While Wild Honey Peace on Earth When I Look at the World New York Grace The Ground Beneath Her Feet…

  • Imploding the Mirage


    2020 Island Records             Hecho en México My Own Soul´s Warning Blowback Dying Breed Caution Lightning Fields  feat. k.d Land Fire In Bone Running Towards A Place My God  feat. Weyes Blood When The Dreams Run Dry Imploding The Mirage

  • Kings of Suburbia


    2014 Universal Music          Made in the EU.    Fia SW RRR Lwlyb Cig Ggag Kos Wfu I Nlyd Ltl M Ditd Thgns GD  

  • Marcador

    Boheme pas de Probleme


    2001 Die Aeronaten  Bohëme pas de probléme            Made in Germany Guischeine Patates Sommer Der Liebe Paradies Diese Neue Tur Geheul Admiral Peperoni Safari Klamotten Pathetischer Junge Finger Wie es Sein Muss  

  • the uplift mofo party plan


    1987 Emi Music            Printed In U.S.A. Fight Like A Brave Funky Crime Me & My Friends Backwoods Skinny Sweaty Man Behind The Sun Subterranean Homesick Blues Special Secret Song Inside No Chump Love Sucker Walkin´On Down The Road Love Trilogy Organic Anti -Beat Box Band

  • Generation Goldman


    2012 Distribution Select           Made in Canada 1- Envole-moi(M. Pokora + TAL) 2- Je te Donne(Leslie + Ivyrise) 3- Famille(Collegiale) 4- Veiller Tard(Shy’m) 5- Quand tu Danses(Corneille) 6- La-Bas(Marie Mai +Baptiste Giabiconi) 7- Au Bout de mes Reves(Emmanuel Moire + ‘Amandine Bourgeois) 8- Je Marche Seul(Christophe Willem) 9- Il Suffira d’un Signe(Merwan…

  • Songs of Experience


    2017 Island Records,                       Hecho en Colombia  1- Love is all we have Left 2- Lights of Home 3- You’re the Best Thing About Me 4- Get Out of Your Own Way 5- American Soul 6- Summer of Love 7- Red Flag Day 8- The Showman(Little…

  • Breach


    2000 Interscope Records              Printed in U.S.A Letters From the Wasteland Hand me Down Sleepwalker I´ve Been Delivered Witness Some Flowers Bloom Dead Mourning Train Up From Under Murder 101 Birdcage

  • everything you´ve come to expect


    2016 Sony Music                    Hecho en Colombia   1- Aviation 2- Miracle Aligner 3- Daracula Teeth 4- Everything You´ve Come To Expect 5- The Element of Surprise 6- Bad Habits 7- Sweet Dreams, TN 8- Used To Be My Girl 9- She Does The Woods 10- Pattern 11-…

  • Satellites Beaming Back at You


    1996  Island Records                Made in U.S.A. 1- Quiet Feel       4:17 2- Eat Your Weart Out     2:51 3- Our Race Cars     4:09 4- Sterling        3:54 5- Comfort Pill      3:54 6- Another Shade     3:27 7- Die a Little    4:25…

  • Everyday Is Christmas


    2017 Warner Music                     Hecho en Colombia 1- Santa’s Coming For Us 2- Candy Cane Lane 3- Snowman 4- Snowflake 5- Ho Ho Ho 6- Puppies are Forever 7- Sunshine 8- Underneath the Mistletoe 9- Everyday is Christmas 10- Underneath the Christmas Lights  

  • Cradlesong


    2009 Atlantic Recording               Made in U.S.A 1- Her Diamonds 2- Gasoline 3- Give Me The Meltdown 4- Someday 5- Mockingbira 6- Real World 09 7- Fire On The Mountain 8- Hard On You 9- Still Ain´t Over You 10- Natural 11- Snowblind 12- Wonderful 13- Cradlesong 14- Getting Late

  • the great unknown


    2015  Atlantic Recording                      Printed in U.S.A. 1- I Think We´d  Feel Good Together 2- Trust You 3- Hold On Forever 4- Wind It Up 5- One Shot 6- The Great Unknown 7- Absence of Affection 8- Things You Said 9- Paper Dolls 10- Nlytm 11-…

  • How Did we Get So Dark?


    2017 Warner Music                      Hecho en Colombia 1- How Did we Get so Dark? 2- Lights Out 3- Only Lie When i Love You 4- She’s Creeping 5- Look Like You Know 6- Where Are You Now? 7- Don’t Tell 8- Hook, Line & Sinker 9-…

  • 99 Cents


    2016 Atlantic Recording Corporation       Made in U.S.A. 1- Can’t Get Enough of Myselft(Feat. B.C.) 2- Big Boss Big Time Business 3- Banshee 4- Chasing Shadows 5- Walking in a Circle 6- Who be Lovin’ Me(Feat. Ilovemakonnen) 7- Rendezvous Girl 8- Before the Fire 9- All i Got 10- Outside the War 11- Run…

  • Paradise Outlaw


    2014 Red House Records        Made in U.S.A Wondering How    3.07 Ricochet     2.49 Flowers of Love     3.27 Do You Know    3.01 No Not Me     4.20 Before Gas And tv     3.22 All My Rain     3.48 Little Swainson     2.56 Painter´s Hands    3.27 Heading Home     3.43…

  • Blood


    2015 Fabricado en Colombia por CD Systems 1-Unstoppable 2- Green & Gold 3- What you Don’t Do 4- Tokyo 5- Wonderful 6- Midnight 7- Grow 8- Ghost 9- Never Get Enough 10- Good Goodbye  

  • This is What the Truth Feels Like


    2016  Universal Music          Hecho en Colombia   1- Misery 2- You’re my Favorite 3- Where Would i Be?(Feat. Petty Wap) 4- Make me Like You 5- Truth(Feat. Petty Wap) 6- Used to Love You 7- Send me a Picture 8- Red Flag 9- Asking 4 It 10- Naughty 11- Me Without You…

  • This is…


    2013 Warner Music            Hecho en México   1- I Love It(Feat. Charlie xcx) 2- All Night 3- We Got the World 4- Ready for the Weekend 5- Girlfriend 6- In the Stars 7- On a Roll 8- Just Another Night 9- Hold On 10- Light Me Up 11- Then we Kiss…

  • The Great Escape Artist


    2011 Capitol Records                  Made in U.S.A. 1- Underground 2- End to the lies 3- Curiosity kills 4- Irresistible force (met the immovable object) 5- I’ll hit you back 6- Twisted tales 7- Ultimate reason 8- Splash a little water on it 9- Broken people 10- Words right…