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  • The twilight saga eclipse


    2010 Atlantic Recording                              Hecho en Colombia Eclipse (all yours)- Metric Neutronstarcollision (love is forever) – Muse Ours – The Bravery Heavy in your arms – Florence + The Machine My love – Sia Atlas – Fanfarlo Chop and change – The Black Keys Rolling in on…

  • Scream 3 The album


    2000 Wind-up Entertainment                           Made in Canada What if – Creed Wait and bleed – Slipknot Suffocate – Finger Eleven Spiders – System of a Down  Automatic – American Pearl Fall – Sevendust Time bomb – Godsmack Tyler’s song – Coal Chamber  So real – Static-x Crowded elevator – Incubus Debonaire – Dope Sunburn – Fuel …

  • Shrek 2


    2004 Dreamworks Records                 Hecho en Colombia Accidentally in love – Counting Crows Holding out for a here – Frou Frou Changes – Butterfly Boucher ft. David Bowie As lovers go – Dashboard Confessional Funkytown – Lypps, Inc. I’m on my way – Rich Price I need some sleep…

  • Bandslam


    2009 Hollywood Records           Made in the EU. Rebel Rebel     David Bowie I’ll Go On       I Can’t Go On  (featuring Aly Michalka) “Amphetamine” 24 Horas   Shack Where Are You Now     Honor Society Lunar One    Seventeen Evergreen Femme Fatale    The Velvet Underground & Nico Twice is Too…

  • Espumas


    Sonolux    Hecho en Colombia  01(0131)01725 Lado A Instrumental Espumas Me Llevarás En Ti   ( Interpreta Andrés Navia ) María Manuela   (Interpreta Edmundo Troya) Los Remansos  (Interpreta Edmundo Troya) Llorando Por Amor (Interpreta María Fernanda Martínez) Lado B Luna Roja (Interpreta María Fernanda Martínez) La Mortaja (Interpreta María Fernanda Martínez) Llamarada ( Interpreta Andrés Navia…

  • la jaula de las locas


    1991 MTM    Hecho en Colombia   (7110) 8004 Lado A Obertura (Prelude) Solos Lo Que Ven Mascara Con Ana En Mis Brazos Contigo en Mis Brazos Canción De Aor Soy Lo Que Soy Lado B Masculinidad Platicos Vive Tu Vida Hoy Gran Final

  • Picture Parade


    Hecho En Colombia Por Discos Fonoton Lado A America     Gérard Poncet y Su Orquesta Come September   Zacharías Y Sus Violines Mágicos The Guns Of Navarone  Zacharías Y Sus Violines Mágicos Love Is A mANY-Splendored Thing    Erwin Halletz y su Orquesta Three Coins In The Fountain   Erwin Halletz y Su Orquesta Around The World …

  • Backbeat


    1994 Sony Music                   Hecho en Colombia         11001624 Lado A Money    Berry Gordy / Janie Bradford Long Tall Sally    Enotris Johnson / Richard Penniman / Robert Blackwell Bad Boy    Larry Williams Twist  And Shout  Bert Russell/ Phil Medley Please Mr . Postman…

  • movie greats versiones originales


    1986 MCA Records                     Hecho en México                            6183 Side One Main Title  (Theme From “Jaws”   Tema De Tiburón  (John Williams) Back To The Future     Regreso Al Futuro   (A Silvestri) Flying       Volando …

  • Zabriskie Point


    1997 Turner Broadcasting System      Printed in the U.S.A CD One Heart Beat, Pig Meat       The Pink Floyd Brother Mary       The Kaleidoscope Dark Star (Excerpt)   The Grateful Dead Crumbling Land      The Pink Floyd Tennessee Waltz     Patti Page Sugar Babe    The Youngbloods Love Scene     Jerry Garcia …

  • la casa de las dos palmas


    Sonolux                  Hecho En Colombia              01(0131)01726 Lado A Tema De Presentacion  (Música Y Orquestación Josefina Severino) Tema Melancolico  (Música Y Orquestación Josefina Severino) Variaciones  (Música Y Orquestación Josefina Severino) Tierra Labrantia (Música Y Orquestación Josefina Severino) Mi Casta (Luis C. Gonzáles- José…

  • ¡Oferta!

    Habana Blues


    2005 Warner Music            Made in the E.U. Cansado Habaneando Sedúceme Habana Blues Arenas de Soledad En Todas Partes En Todas Partes Amanecer Lagrimas Tatuadas Superfinos Negros No se Vuelve Atrás Aprende to Walk Felación Rebelión Vivamos Juntos Sé Feliz

  • Beavis And Butt-Head do America


    1996  Geffen Records        Made in U.S.A Isaac Hayes- Two Oool Guys (Theme From Beavis and Butt- Head do America) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster LL Cool J-  Ain´t Nobody White Zombie – Ratfinks. Suicide Tanks and  Cannibal Girls Rancid & Stubborn All Stars- I Wanna Riot Ozzy Osbourne – Walk…

  • les uns et les autres


    1984  Sonolux        Hecho en Colombia             05(0131)02023 Lado A Le Bolero de Ravel(Michel Legrand)   16:20 Lado B Sonate au Clair de Lune(Beethoven) Mazurka(Chopin) 7e Symphonie(Beethoven) 1re Symphonie(Brahms) Les Preludes(Liszt)

  • The Jazz Singer


    1980  Capitol Records                             Printed in U.S.A                     12120 Love On the Rocks Hello Again America  Songs Of Liffe Amazed And Confused Summerlove Kol Nidre On The Roberte Lee Acapulco Hey Louise Jerusalem You Baby…

  • o lucky man


    1974 Warner Bross Records               Hecho en España             HWBS32174 Lado A O Lucky Mani      2:17 Poor People      2:09 Sell Sell      4:01 Pastoral     2:10 Arrival     2:59 Lado B Look Over Your Shoulder    2:19 Justice     1:47 My…

  • thank god it’s friday


    1978 Discos Fuentes                         Hecho en Colombia       062012 Lado A 1- Thank God it’s Friday(Love and Kisses) 2- After Dark(Pattie Brooks) 3- With Your Love(Donna Summer) 4- Last Dance(Donna Summer) Lado B 1- Do you Want the Real Thing(D.C. la Rue) 2- Trapped…

  • música del oeste


    1977  Sonolux                    Hecho en Colombia             12(0131)00005 Lado A 1- El Bueno, El Feo y el Malo      2:37 2- El Álamo  (Las hojas verdes del verano)     3:14 3- Por un Puñado de Dólares       2:02 4- El Virginiano …

  • Foxes


    1980 Casablanca Records. Made in Canada Side One 1- On The Radio ( theme From The Motion Picture ” FoxesDonna Summer 2- Fly Too High (Vocal Theme From The Motion Picture Foxes)Janis Ian 3- Shake It    Brooklyn Dreams Side Two 1- Bad Love    Cher 2- Valley of the Dolls – Instrumental  Giorgio Side Three 1- 20th…

  • beat street


    1984 Discos Philips                     Hecho en Colombia              6037 Lado A 1- Beat Street Breakdown(Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five) 2- Baptize the Beat(The System) 3- Strangers in a Strange World(Love Theme From Beat Street-Jenny Burton & Patrick Jude) 4- Frantic…

  • The Awakening


    <p>1980 Entracte Records&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Printed in U.S.A.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ERS-6520</p> Side 1 Main Title  2.50 She Has A Nane 1.17 Night Drive  1.00 The Big Revelation & The Descent  3.25 Kara Takes Control  1.55 The Eclipse  2.08 Margaret´s Decision The Mirror  3.32 Corbeck ´s Party  2.30 Side II Inside Kara´s Tomb …

  • xanadu


    1980 Discos CBS                   Hecho en Colombia             19270 Lado A Olivia Newton John 1- Magic 2- Suddenly with Cliff Richard 3- Dancin’ with The Tubes 4- Suspended in Time 5- Whenever You’re Away From Me with Gene Kelly Lado B Electric Light Orchestra…

  • josie and pussycats


    2001 Sony Music Entertainment            Made in U.S.A. 3 Small Words Pretend To Be Nise Spin Around You Don’t See Me You’re A Star Shapeshifter I Wish You Well Real Wild Child Come On Money Dujour Around The World Backdoor Lover Josie And The Pussycats

  • More Dirty Dancing


    Hecho en Colombia Side 1 (I´ve  Had) The Time Of My Life (Instrumental Version) Big Girls Don´t Cry Merengue Some Kind Of Wonderful Johnny´s Mambo Do You Love Me Love Man Side 2 Wipeout These Arms Of Mine De Todo Un Poco Cry To Me Trot The Fox Will You Love Me Tomorrow Kellerman´s Anthem…

  • Hannibal


    2001 Decca Music      Printed in Germany Dear Clarice  (featuring Sir Anthony Hopkins) Aria da Cappo  from Goldberg Variations, BWN 988 Written by Johann Sebastián Bach. Performed by Glenn Gould. The Campponi Library Gourmet Valse Tartare Avarice For a Small Stippend Firenze di Notte Virtue Let my Home Be My Gallows The Burning Heart…

  • Finian’s Rainbow


    2009 Sony Music Entertainment         Made in the U.S.A Act 1 Overture   3:15 This Time of the Year   3:03 How Are Things in Glocca Morra?  3:12 Look to the Rainbow   3:13 Old Devil Moon  3:23 Something Sort of Grandish   2:56 If This Isn´t Love 3:13 Necessity    3:06 That Great Come  – And…

  • Hamilton


    2015 Atlantic Recording.                            Made in USA Act 1 1- Alexander Hamilton 2- Aaron burr 3- My shot 4- The story of tonight 5- The schuyler sisters 6- Farmer refuted 7- You’ll be back 8- Right hand man 9- A winter’s ball 10-…

  • Lucie Aubrac


    1997 Warner Music                  Made in the EU. Lucie Aubrac  (Thème)   4:00 Lyon, 1943 (Suite Orchestrale) 9:48 Le Funiculaire    2:50 Le Parc de la Tete D`or    2:56 Caluire     3:34 Lucie Aubrac (Thème el Variations)    19:33

  • The Rose


    1979 Atlantic Records  Made in USA Side One Whose Side Are You On Midnight In Memphis Concert Monologue When A Man Loves A Woman Sold My Soul To Rock ´N´Roll Keep On Rockin´ Side Two Love Me With A Feeling Camellia Homecoming Monologue Stay With Me Let Me Call You Sweetheart The Rose

  • All That Jazz


    1979 Made In U.S.A Side One Main Title (Instrumental) On Broadway – George Benson Michelle (Instrumental) Take Off With Us  Sandahl Bergman & Chorus Concert In G (Instrumental) Ponte Vecchio (Instrumental) Everything Old is New Again Side Two South Mt. Sinai Parade After You´ve Gone – Leland Palmer There´ll Be Some Changes Made -Ann Reinking…

  • Underground


    1995 Polygram Discos S.A            Industria Argentina Kalasnjikov      3:21 Ausencia     3:48      Performed by Cesaria Evora Mesecina/ Moonlight     3:58 Ya Ya (Ringe: Ringe Raja)   2:28 Cajesukarije – Cocek    3:31 Wedding – Cocek – 4:24 War    6:36 Underground – Cocek     4:24 Underground Tango   …

  • The Fifth Element


    1997 Columbia Pictures        Printed in the U.S.A Little Light of Love   4:50 Mondoshawan  4:01 Timecrash   1:49 Korben Dallas  1:43 Koolen  0:55 Akta   1:51 Lee Loo    4:56 Five Millenia Later  3:13 Plava Laguna   1:47 Ruby Rap   1:55 Heat    2:54 Badaboom   1:12 Magalores    1:06 Lucia Di Lammermoor   3:10 The Diva   Dance …

  • La la Land


    2016 Universal Music         Hecho en Colombia 1- Another Day of Sun(La La Land Cast) 2- Someone in the Crowd(Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizunq, Jessica Rothe) 3- Mia &amp; Sebastian’s Theme(Justin Hurwitz) 4- A Lovely Night(Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone) 5- Herman’s Habit(Justin Hurwitz) 6- City of Stars(Ryan Gosling) 7- Planetarium(Justin Hurwitz) 8-…

  • Pulp Fiction


    1994 MCA Records       Printed in U.S.A 1- Pumpkin and honey bunny   -Misirlou 2- Royale with cheese 3- Jungle boogie 4- Let’s stay together 5- Bustin’ surfboards 6- Lonesome twon 7- Son of a preacher man 8- Zed’s dead, baby  -Bullwinkle part II 9- Jack rabbit slims twist contest   -You never can tell 10-…

  • West Side Story

  • Mystere


    2005 Universal Music             Made in the EC. Ouverture – Ramsani      4:13 Misha     5:38 Egypte      3:13 Rondo – Double Face     5:10 Ulysse      5:36 Dome     2:45 Kalimando     4:12 Kunya Sobé    3:16 En Ville – Frisco    5:12 Gambade     1:18 High…

  • Ghost


    1990  Paramount Pictures     Printed in the U.S.A Unchained Melody    3:35 Ghost    7:24 Sam    5:33 Ditto    3:20 Carl    4:06 Molly     6:17 Unchained Melody    4:01 End Credits     4:16

  • The Hunger Games


    2012 Universal Music              Hecho en Colombia  Abraha’s Daughter     Arcade Fire  Tomorrow Will  Be Kinder   The Secret Sisters Nothing to Remember     Neko Case Safe & Sqund      Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars The Ruler and the Killer    Kid Cudi Darkn Days   Punch Brothers One Engine …

  • Sex And The City 2


    2010 Water Tower Music         Made in U.S.A Rapture    Alicia Keys Everything to Lose     Dido Language of Love     Cee lo Window Seat     Erykah Badu Kidda     Natacha Atlas Euphrates Dream     Michael Mcggregor Single Ladies    Liza Minnelli Can´t Touch It   Ricki- Lee Empire State of Mind     Alicia…

  • Notting Hill


    1999 Universal Music       Hecho en Colombia  No Matter What     Boyzone    4:33 You’ve Got A  Way  (Notting Hill Mix)        Shania Tawain   3:21  I Do (Cherish You)           98            3:45 She          Elvis Costello      3:06 Ain´t no…

  • la potra zaina


    1992 Sonolux             Hecho en Colombia                     01(0141)00031 Lado A La Potra Zaina(Aura Cristina Geithner) Lado B La Potra Zaina(“Cholo” Valderrama)

  • Empire Records


    1995 A&M Records           Made in U.S.A Gin Blossoms    Til I Hear It From You   3:46 The Granberries   Liar    2:21 Edwyn Collins   Girl Like You   3:55 The Martinis   Free   4:24 Toad the Wet Sproket   Crazy Life   4:17 The Inocence Mission   Briaht As Yellow   3:32 Better Than Ezra    Circle Of…

  • Antz Nest


    2000 Jam Down Records         Made in U.S.A. 1- Hundred Dollar Bag(Beenie Man) 2- Buddy She Want(Red Rat) 3- Wha Dis Fadda(Madd Anju) 4- Things Could be Worst(Goofy) 5- Lonely(Goofy  Q.T.) 6- You a Di Number One(Mr. Vegas) 7- Look Wey Ago Qwaan Now(Alazade) 8- Too Much F@#Kery A Gwaan(Goofy) 9- Bellevue(Kiprich) 10-…

  • reds


    1981 Discos CBS              Hecho en Colombia           141546 Lado A 1-Goodbye For Now(Jean-Pierre Rampal y Claude Bolling)   4:50 2-I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard(Sthepen Sondhaim)   1:44 3-Comrades (I)(Dave Grusin)    0:50 4-Internationale(The Moscow Radio Chorus)    4:39 5-I Don’t Want To Play In Your…

  • My Family


    1995 New Line Productions         Made in Germany Main Title Theme   Performed by  Mark McKenzie and Pepe Avila Rosa de Castilla (Pirecua Michoacan) Performed by   Los Folkloristas Angel Baby  Performed by Janette Jurado Que Rico El Mambo  Performed by Perez Prado One Summer Night Performed by All -4-One Celoso Performed by Mana Down…

  • The Next Best Thing


    2000 Warner Music     Hecho en Colombia Boom Boom Ba  Performed by  Metisse Bongo Song  Performed by  Manu Chao Don´t Make Me Love You (Til I’m Ready) Performed by  Chritina  Aguilera American Pie  Performed by Madonna This Life  Performed by Mandalay If Everybody Looked the Same Performed by Groove Armada Why Does My Heart Feel…

  • playing for keeps


    1986 EMI Records                    Hecho en Colombia                111106 Lado A 1- Life to Life(Pete Townshend 2- It’s Not Over(Chris Thompson) 3- Distant Drums(Peter Frampton) 4- It’s Gettin’ Hot(Eugene Wilde) 5- Think We’re Gonna Make It(Hinton Battle) Lado B 1- We…

  • Game of Thrones Season 4


    2014 Water Tower Music       Made in the EU Main  Titles The Rains of Castamere Performed by Sigur Ros Breaker of Chains Watchers on the Wall I’m Sorry For Today Thenns Mereen First of his Name The Biggest Fire the North Has Ever Seen Three Eyed Raven Two Swords Oathkeeper You Are No Son…

  • crossover dreams


    1986 Discos Philips                        Hecho en Colombia            6106  Lado A 1- Elegua(Virgilio Marti)       2:17 2- Good For Baby(Rubén Blades)      5:29 3- Rudy’s Theme(Chase)(José Gallegos       1:24 4- Todos Vuelven(Apt)(Rubén Blades)      2:05 5- Todos…

  • The Wizard Of Oz


    1998 Sum Records      Hecho en Brasil With Mickey Rooney and Eartha Kitt