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  • sixteen tons


    Hecho en Colombia        Codiscos          3262   A1- Sixteen Tons B1- You Don´t Have to be a Baby to Cry

  • eyes that see in the dark


    1983 Sonolux                  Hecho en Colombia                  05(0131)01982 Side A This Woman You And I Buried Treasure Islands In The Stream (Duet With Dolly Parton) Living With You Side B Evening Star Hold Me Midsummer Nights I Will Always Love You…

  • what about me?


    1984 Sonolux                     Hecho en Colombia                        05(0131)02048 Lado A What About Me? The Night Goes On Dream Dancin Two Hearts One Love I Don´t Want  To Know Why Lado B Didn´t We? Somebody Took My Love…

  • Kenny


    <p>1979 Liberty  Printed in U.S.A. LOO-979   Lado A 1- You Turn the Light On 2- You Decorated my Life 3- She’s a Mystery 4- Goodbye Marie 5- Tulsa Turnaround 6- I Want to Make You Smile Lado B 1- Santiago Midnight Moonlight 2- One Man’s Woman 3- In and Out of Your Heart 4-…

  • charlie rich


    Discos CBS                           Hecho en Colombia                       1139 Lado A 1- A Mellow Medlody 2- She 3- I Love My Friend 4- A Little Bit Here (A Little Bit T 6- The Most Beautiful Girl…

  • christmas


    1981 Discos CBS               Hecho en Colombia               11871 Lado A 1- Christmas Everyday 2- Kentcky Homemade Christmas 3- Carol of the Bells 4- Kids 5- Sweet Little Jesus Boy Lado B 1- Christmas Is My Favorite Time of the Year 2- White Christmas 3-…

  • horizon


    1980   Elektra Records                   Made in U.S.A.                    6E276 Lado A I Love a Rainy Night        3:08 747             3:05 “Drivin”  My Life Away       3:14 Short Road to Love     …

  • The Pretender


    1976  Nonesuch Records                    Made in U.S.A             6E107ASP The Fuse Your Bright Baby Blues Linda Paloma Here Come Those Tears Again The Only Child Daddy´s Tune Sleep´s Tune Sleep´s Dark And Silent Gate The Pretender

  • peaks valleys honky-tonks


     1979 Discos CBS                  Made in U.S.A                    BL35742 Side 1 Cosmic Cowboy /Cosmic Breakdown      6:08 Another Cheap Western /Western Movies     4:08 Years Behind Bars        3:11 Backslider´s Wine        3:25 Geronimo´s Cadillac …

  • Lone Wolf


    1978  Epic Records Side One Nothing Is Your Own Paradise Tonight No Man S´ Land Loners Side Two Song Dog Arrows In The Darkness Hard To Live Together Might Patrol Loving Time Song Dog /Reprise)

  • twenty greatest hits


    1983  Capitol Records                        Printed  In U.S.A.               LV551152 Side One Lucille Lady Love Lifted Me We´ve Got Tonight Scarlet Fever Love Or Something Like It She Believes In Me Ruby, Don´t Take Your Love To Town Don´t Fall In…

  • the gambler


    1978  Discos CBS              Hecho en Colombia                     11759 Side One The Gambler I Wish That Could Hurt That Way Again King Of Oak Street Making Music For Money The Hoodooin´Of Miss Fannie Deberry Side Two She Believes In Me Tennessee Bottle…

  • Rose garden


    1970   Discos CBS                         Hecho en Colombia                  14243 Lado 1 1- Rose Garden 2- For the Good Times 3- Another Lonel y Night 4- I Don’t Want To Play House 5- Snowbird 6- Your Sweet Love Lifted…

  • islands in the stream


    1983 RCA Records       Made in U.S.A.           PB13615 A1- Islands in the Stream(Duet with Dolly Parton)      4:08 B1- I Will Always Love You         4:20    

  • Gideon


    1980  Discos CBS                            Hecho en Colombia                   11830 Lado A Intro: Goin’ Home to The Rock Gideon Tanner No Good Texas Rounder Don’t Fall in Love With a Dreamer The Buckercos You We’re a Good…

  • duets


     1983  Discos CBS           Hecho en Colombia               11970 Lado A 1- We’ve got Tonight(With Sheena Easton)    3:50 2- Every Time two Fools Collide(With Dottie West)     2:58 3- (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song(With Dottie West)   3:10 4- Til i Can…

  • big shiny cars


    2006 Back Porch                           Made in U.S.A. That Train Don’t Run      2:36 Down       3:40 Coldest Fire in Town(with Elizabeth Cook and Rusty Young)    3:29 Fallin’ All The Time      6:21 Mountain Song       4:01 Shady Grove   …

  • Seventy Two and Sunny


     Lava Records               Made in USA. 1- This time 2- Rescue 3- Furhter down the road 4- Don’t know how (not to love you) 5- What do we want? 6- Writing it down 7- A place at my table 8- Some things you can’t take back 9- Blues man 10-…