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  • Made in england the british pop anthology


    2010 Music Brokers                          Hecho en Argentina West end girls – Pet Shop Boys Band on the run – Denny Laine & Paul McCartney  Get it on – T-Rex Rock and roll part 1 – The Glitter Band The letter – Joe Cocker  I can’t tell the bottom…

  • Puro veneno


    1998 BMG Music Spain                            Hecho en España En un mercedes blanco El calor me mata Lobo López Volando voy Los managers Memphis blues Mi mechero blanco Veneno Más al sur Los delincuentes Farmacia de guardia Echo de menos Joselito Reír y llorar

  • Mediocre


    2008 Warner Music                  Hecho en Colombia Mediocre Vidas paralelas Anormal La tina Reforma No vuelvo más Cambio de piel Sintiendo rara Un error Gris Pocas palabras (Juan) Monitor  

  • reflexiones de mi vida


    2002 Inversiones Rodven              Hecho en Venezuela CD 1 1- The Way We Were (Gladys Knight) 2- Last Night I Did’n Get To Sleep At All (The Fith Dimention) 3- Torn Between Two Lover (Mary Mc Gregor) 4- When a Man Loves a Woman (Perry Sledge) 5- What a Wonderful…

  • these are my songs


    1967 Codiscos               Hecho en Colombia               ZV302010 Lado A This is My Song       2:17 Groovin’      2:59 Lover Man     3:04 San Francisco     3:12 Eternally      2:35 Resist      2:46 Lado B Don’t Sleep in the Subway   …

  • l.a. woman


    1990 Chrysalis Records                Made in the U.K.        IDOLX15 Lado A L.A. Woman(LP Version) Lado B License to Thrill Lovechild  

  • pat boone


    Dot Records              Made in U.S.A.                                  DLP3012 Lado A Ain’t That a Shame     2:23 Rich in Love     2:34 Two Hearts     2:30 No Other Arms     2:13 Now I Know     …

  • My Love


    1994 Sequel Records           Made In EEC My Love Hold on to What You´ve Got We Can Work It Out Time For Love Just Say Goodbye The Life And Soul of the Party A Sign of the Times The Thirty Pirst Of June Wehere Did We Go Wrong I Can´t Remember (Ever…

  • Grammy Nominees 1998


    1998 Universal Music                           Printed in U.S.A. Where Have All  The Cowboys Gone? – Paula Cole Sunny Came Home – Shawn Colvin Everyday Is  A Winding Road – Sheryl Crow MMM Bop – Honson I Believe i Can Fly – R. Kelly Criminal –…

  • Telling Stories


    1999 Warner Music                          Hecho en Colombia Telling Stories Less Than Strangers Speak the Word It´s Ok Wedding Song Unsung Psalm Nothing Yet Paper and Ink Devotion The Only One Firs Try