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  • flavors of entanglement


    2008 Warner Music                      Industria Argentina Citizen of the Planet Underneath Strait Jacket Versions of Violence Not as We In Praise of the Vulnerable Man Moratorium Torch Gigling Again For no Reason Tapes Incomplete  

  • under rug swept


    2002 Warner Music                        Hecho en Colombia 21 Things I Want in a Lover Narcissus Hands Clean Flinch So Unisexy Precious Illusions That Particular Time A Man You Owe Me Nothing in Return Surrending Utopia  

  • So-Called Chaos


    2004 Warner Bros Records                 Made in U.S.A .  1- Eight Easy Steps 2- Out Is Through 3- Excuses 4- Doth I Protest Too Much 5- Knees Of My Bees 6- So-Called Chaos 7- Not All Me 8- This Grudge 9- Spineless 10- Everything