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  • Blundderbuss


    2012 Third Mon Records    Made In U.S.A Lado A Missing Pieces   3:27 Sixteen Saltines   2:37 Freedom at 21   2:52 Love Interruption   2:38 Blunderbuss   3:07 Hypocritical Kiss  2:50 Weep Themselves to Sleep  4:19 Lado B I´m Shakin´  3:00 Trash Tonque Talker Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy   3:04 I Guess I Should Go to Sleep   2:39 On…

  • Boarding House Reach


    2018 Third Man Records     Made In U.S.A Lado A Connected  By Love Why Walk A Dog? Corporation Abulia And Akrasia Hypermisophoniac Ice Station Zebra Lado B Over And Over And Over Everthing You´ve Ever Learned Respect Commander Ezmerelda Steals The Show Get In The Mind Shaft What´s Done Is Done Humoresque