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  • The search for everything


    2017  Sony Music                               Made in U.S.A.          88985422391 Disco 1 Lado A Still Feel Like Your Man      3:55 Emoji Of A Wave       4:00 Helpless          4:10 Lado B Love On The…

  • Sob rock


     2021 Columbia Records                      Made In Germany  Last Train Home Shouldn’t Matter But It Does New Light Why You No Love Me Wild Blue Shot In The Dark I Guess I Just Feel Like Til The Right One Comes Carry Me Away All I Want Is…

  • born and raised


    2012 Columbia Records                      Made in U.S.A. 1- Queen of California 2- The Age of Worry 3- Shadow Days 4- Speak for Me 5- Something Like Olivia 6- Born and Raised 7- If i ever Get Around to Living 8- Love is a Verb 9- Walt…