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  • In Through the Out Door


    Swan Song  AMCY-2441                      Made in Japan In The Evening South Bound Saurez Fool In The Rain Hot Dog Carouselambra All My Love  I’m Gonna Crawl

  • Led Zeppelin II


    Atlantic  AMCY- 2432                 Made in Japan Whole Lotta Love What Is And What Should Never Be The Lemon Song Thank You Heartbreaker Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman) Ramble On Moby Dick Bring It On Home

  • Presence


    Swan Song AMCY-2438                    Made in Japan Achilles Last Stand For Your Life Royal Orleans Nobody’s Fault But Mine Candy Store Rock Hots On For Nowhere Tea For One    

  • Houses of the Holy


    Atlantic 8122795797              Printed in the EU. The Song Remains The Same The Rain Song Over The Hills And Far Away The Crunge Dancing Days No Quarter The Ocean (Working Mix)

  • Kashmir Symphonic


    1997 Printed in Germany 1- Dawn At The Great Pyramid – 3:33 2- Kashmir – 7:54 3- The Battle of Evermore – 8:10 4- Stairway to Heaven – 10:40 5- When the Levee Breaks – 7:15 6- Going To California – 10:24 7- Friends – 5:40 8- All My Love – 10:35 9- Kulu Valley…

  • Post Productions Perform The Songs of Led Zeppelin


    GB Records UK                Made in the E.C. Whole Lotta Love Communication Breakdown Black Dog Black It On Home Good Times Bad Times Living Loung Mad Heartbreaker Dyer Maker The Ocean Rock And Roll The Lemon Song Immigrant Song Dazed & Confused Loser Live Rock And Roll Part Two…

  • The Song Remains Untamed


    Monument Records, London CD I Heavy Swansongs Train Kept A Rollin Nobody’s Fault But Mine Black Dog In The Evening The Rain Song Hot Dog All My Love Trampled Underfoot Since I’ve Been Loving You Achilles Last Stand CD II Over Mannheim 3.7.1980 White Summer Black Mountain Side Kashmir Stairway To Heaven Communication Breakdown Rock…

  • Studio Demo´s 1970-1972


    For promotional  2005 Face to Face Records             Made in Italy Hey Hey What Can I Do? White Summer Poor Tom Snow Down Dazed & Confused Wind In The Willows I Wanna Be Her Man Acoustic Jam That’s The Way Hey Hey What Can I Do? Immigrant Song Out On The…

  • One night only – london december 10th, 2007


    2008 Bioogie Mama               Hecho en Francia Good Times Bad Times Ramble On Black Dog In My Time Of Dying For Your Life Trampled Under Foot Nobody’s Fault But Mine No Quarter Since I’ve Been Loving You Dazed And Confused Stairway To Heaven The Song Remains The Same Misty Mountain…

  • Presence


    1976  Sonolux                                  Hecho en Colombia                  23(7331)00242 Lado A Achilles Last Stand        10:26 For Your Life        6:21 Royal Orleans      2:58 Lado B Nobody’s Fault…

  • Coda


    Industria Argentina 1- We’re gonna groove 2- Poor tom 3- I can’t quit you baby 4- Walter’s walk 5- Ozone baby 6- Darlene 8- Wearing and tearing

  • Encomium


    1995   Atlantic                                  Made in Germany Fool In The Rain(Mana)      6:09 Misty Mountain Hop(4 Non Blondes)      5:44 Hey Hey What Can I Do(Hootie & The Blowfish)     3:27 D’yer Mak’er(Sheryl Crow)      4:20 Dancing Days(Stone…

  • Presence


    1976 Atlantic Recording Corporation.                         Made in Germany  1- Achilles Last Stand   10:22 2- For Your Life    6:20 3- Royal Orleans   2:58 4- Nobody’s Fault But Mine   6:27 5- Candy Store Rock     4:07 6- Hots On For Nowhere    4:43 7- Tea for…

  • The first official tour


    2003   Warner Music Group                 Made in U.S.A.                   R2970198 DVD 1            Live At The Royal Albert Hall – 1970 We’re Gonna Groove I Can’t Quit You Baby Dazed And Confused White Summer What Is And What…