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  • soolaimon


    Importaciones Daro            Hecho en Colombia             SLK16697 Lado A Walk Right In Bucket of Dweat Melting Pot We’ll Fly You to the Promised Land Hey Joe Soolaimon Lado B Jesus Cried on the Day That he Died Believe in the Words of the Lord Battersea Park…

  • singing revolution


    1971  Importaciones Daro                   Hecho en Colombia                SLK16692 Lado 1 Me And Mi Life Lola Neanderthal Man Rainbow Feeling My Way Lookin´Out My Back Door Ball Of Confusion Jimmy Be Bad Future Blues Black Night Woman I´m Gonna Make You Mine…

  • Walking down broadway


    Karussell                                  Made in Germany                      2415031 Lado A Montreal Walking Down Broadway The Unwanted Carnival Of Life Searchin For Soul Up Cherry Street Lado B Love No Part Of It…