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  • The ballad of john and yoko


    1969 Hecho en México                  6510 The Ballad Of John And Yoko = La Balada De John Y Yoko Old Brown Shoe = Viejo Zapato Café

  • Revolver remastered 180 gram


    2009  Capitol Records                         Made in U.S.A. Lado A Taxman Eleanor Rigby I’m Only Sleeping Love You To Here, There And Everywhere Yellow Submarine She Said She Said Lado B Good Day Sunshine And Your Bird Can Sing For no One Doctor Robert I Want…

  • A hard day’s night


    Zima Entertainment                            Hecho en México                 DVDA9794 DVD 1              La Película       88 Min DVD 2             Material Extra

  • Help


    1987   EMI Odeon Help!       2:18 The Night Before    2:34 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away      2:28 I Need You      2:28 Another Girl      2:05 You’re Going to Lose That Girl     2:18 Ticket to Ride       3:09 Act Naturally      2:29 It’s Only Love …

  • something new


    2014 Capitol Records                           Industria Argentina 1-I’ ll Cry Instead        2:04 2-Things we Said Today        2:35 3-Any Time at All         2:10 4- When I Get Home        2:14 5-Slow Down       …

  • Mastercuts legends the beatles trilogy


    2012  DCD Media Company                  Made in The EU. La trilogía de los Beatles es el DVD esencial para todos los fanáticos de los cuatro fabulosos, ya que traza el ascenso meteórico de los chicos de Liverpool a través de los éxitos de los años sesenta hasta los…

  • Meet the beatles!


    1973  Discos CBS                               Hecho en Colombia                  11418 Lado A I Want To Hold Your Hand       2:24 I Saw Her Standing There        2:50 This Boy        2:11…

  • Chill out all love songs


    2006  Balboa Records                         Hecho en Colombia CD 1 In My Life        3:04 Hey Jude       5:02 And I Love Her      3:35 If I Fell       2:56 Love Me Do     4:02 The Long And Winding Road   …

  • Marcador

    Magical mystery tour


    2012 Apple Films                        Made in the Eu Made in England by The Beatles Featuring Magical Mystery Tour, The Fool On The Hill, Flying, I Am The Walrus, Blue Jay Way and Your Mother Should Know   Special Features Include Director’s Comentary by Paul McCartney…

  • beatles for sale


    2009  EMI Records                               Made in the EU. No Reply I’m a Loser Baby’s in Black Rock And Roll Music I’ll Follow The Sun Mr. Moonlight Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey Eight Days a Week Words of Love Honey Don’t Every Little Thing I Don’t…

  • Rubber soul


    EMI Records                              Made in The EU. Drive my Car       2:30 Norwegian Wood(This Bird Has Flown)      2:05 You Won’t See Me       3:22 Nowhere Man       2:44 Think For Yourself       2:19 The Word   …

  • Beatles 1


    2000 EMI Records                               Made in the EU. Love me Do From me to You She Loves You I Want to Hold Your Hand Can’t Buy me Love A Hard Day’s Night I Feel Fine Eight Days Week Ticket to Ride Help!…