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Gigantour 2

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2008  Image Entertainment                        Made in U.S.A.

  1. Effigy(The Smashup)
  2. Beneath The Machine(Sanctity)
  3. Severe Emotional Distress(Into Eternity)
  4. Necroshine(Over Kill)
  5. Rotten To The Core(Over Kill)
  6. We Will Rise(Arch Enemy)
  7. Nemesis(Arch Enemy)
  8. The Leper Affinity(Opeth)
  9. Vigil(Lamb of God)
  10. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For(Lamb of God)
  11. Take No Prisoners(Megadeth)
  12. The Scorpion(Megadeth)
  13. Washington Is Next!(Megadeth)