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Harry potter and the chamber

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2002 Warner Music,        Hecho en Colombia 

1-Prologue:book II and the escape from the dursleys
2- Fawkes the phoenix
3- The chamber of secrets
4- Gilderoy lockhart
5-The flying car
6-Knockturn alley
7- Introducing colin
8-The dueling club
9-  Dobby the house elf
10-The spiders
11- Moaning myrtle
12-Meeting aragog
13-Fawkes is reborn
14-Meeting tom riddle
15-Cornish pixies
16- Polyjuice potion
17- Cakes for crabbe and goyle
18- Dueling the basilisk
19- Harry’s wondrous worl
20- Harry’s Wondrous World 

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