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Volume 2

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2008 Warner Bros Records         Hecho en México 

1- Hate This Place
2- Stop The World
3- Long Way Down
4- All Eyes on Me (Live)
5-Lazy Eye
6-Iris (Demo)
7- I´m Awake Now
8-Torn Apart
9- No Way Out
10- String of Lies
11-We´ll be Here
12- Without You Here
13- Only One
14-Truth is a Whisper
15-What a Scene
The Covers
16-Million Miles Away
17-I Wanna Destroy You
18-Wait for the Blackout
19- Slave Girl
20- Don´t Change
21-I Don´t Want to Know
22- American Girl (Live)
The Videos
1- There You Are
2-We are the Normal
3- Only One
4- Flat Top
5- Name
7- Long Way Down
8-Lazy Eye
9- Iris
11- Black Balloon
12- Dizzy
14- Here is Gone
16-Stay With You
17- Let Love In
Live at Red Rocks
1- Long Way Down
3- Feel the Silence
4- Before it´s too Late
5- Slave Girl
6- Better Days

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