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What The Bleep do we Know

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CD X 2

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2006 Captured light Music.       Hecho en U.S.A

Disc One
1-Fluid motions – Christopher Franke
2- Emmanuel – Aeon spoke
3- Beautiful strange- Bedrock
4-Beyond mystery – Christopher Franke
5-Obsession- Animotion
6-Forgiveness & Patrick O’hearn
7-Tingri maiden – John serie
8-A sea of ecstasy- Michael whalen
9- What the bleep? Elaine Hendrix
10-Circle the sun – Christopher Franke
Disc Two
Meditation Tracks
1-Hidden world beyond – John serrie
2-The white crystal- Christopher Franke
3-Eternal source – Christopher Franke
4- Amber waves – Christopher Franke
5-Tingri maiden- John Serrie
Spoken word tracks
6-Your thoughts create your destiny
7- Possibilities
10-Be in the mystery


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