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Zabriskie Point

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CD X 2


1997 Turner Broadcasting System      Printed in the U.S.A

CD One

  1. Heart Beat, Pig Meat       The Pink Floyd
  2. Brother Mary       The Kaleidoscope
  3. Dark Star (Excerpt)   The Grateful Dead
  4. Crumbling Land      The Pink Floyd
  5. Tennessee Waltz     Patti Page
  6. Sugar Babe    The Youngbloods
  7. Love Scene     Jerry Garcia  (The Grateful Dead)
  8. I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again      Roscoe Holcomb
  9. Mickey’s Tune    The Kaleidoscope
  10. Dance of Death     John Fahey
  11. Come In Number 51, Your Is Up      The Pink Floyd

CD Two

Outtakes (All Previously Unissued)  Love Scene Improvisations    Jerry Garcia

  1. Version 1
  2. Version 2
  3. Version 3
  4. Version 4
  5. Country Song       The Pink Floyd
  6. Unknown Song    The Pink Floyd
  7. Love Scene –  Version 6  The Pink Floyd
  8. Love Scene – Version 4    The Pink Floyd

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