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  • With the beatles


    1992  Parlophone                                      Hecho en México It Won’t Be Long           2:11 All I’ve Got To Do?     2:01 All My Loving      2:06 Don’t Bother Me      2:26 Little Child     …

  • Entertainment


    2015 Parlophone Records                               Made in the EU.                MOVLP1223 Lado A 1- Silver(Who Stole the Groove?) – 6:07 2- Preface  – 4:06 3- Y.U.?(The Vowels Tune)  – 4:30 4- Calligram  – 4:07 5- Irony  –…

  • The madcap laughs


    2014  Parlophone Records                       Made in U.S.A.             RPI543315 Lado A Terrapin          5:00 No Good Trying      3:26 Love You         2:25 No Man’s Land        3:50 Dark Globe         2:10…

  • bilingual


    2008 EMI Music                       Made in the EU. Discoteca Single Metamorphosis Electricity Se a Vida é(That’s the Way Life is) It Always Comes as a Surprise A Red Letter Day Up Against It The Survivors Before To Step Aside Saturday Night Forever  

  • Chaos and creation in the backyard (Promocional)


    2005 Parlophone                    Hecho en Colombia Fine line How kind of you Jenny wren At the mercy Friends to go English tea Too much rain A certain softness Riding to Vanity Fair Follow me Promise to you girl This never happened before Anyway

  • Live in buenos aires


    2018 Warner Music                         Hecho en México CD 1 A Head Full Of Dreams Yellow Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall The Scientist God Put A Smile Upon Your Face Paradise Always In My Head Magic Everglow Clocks Midnight Charlie Brown CD 2 Hymn For The…

  • Barrett


    2014   Parlophone Records                       Made in The EU.              SHSP4007 Lado A Baby Lemonade       4:10 Love Song      3:03 Dominoes      4:08 It Is Obvious      2:59 Rats              3:00 Maisie …