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  • The Rebirth of Tragedy


    2004 Ferret Music                       Made In The EU. Post Replica Baboon Music Translation Of Fixes Venus Complex Backburner Chroma The Train Bridge Godshaped War Luma Flight Of The Pathogen

  • Roots


    2005 Roadrunner                                    Industria Argentina Disc 1 Roots Boody Roots Attitude Cut-Throat Ratamahatta Breed Apart Straighthate Spit Lookaway Dusted Born Stubborn Jasco Itsári Ambush Endangered Species Dictatorsh*t Disc 2 (Bonus Tracks) Procreation (Of The Wicked) Mine War Lookaway (Master…

  • Return of the Killer


    Sonopress                 Industria Brasileira Bring the Noise 6966915-0 Only6966916-1 Potters Field (hypo luxa Hermes pan remix) 6966917-3 Ball of Confusión 6966918-5 Crush Room for one More Inside out Hy Pro Glo Hy Pro Luxa Mix) Fueled Amonig the Liying Got the time Indians Antisocial I´m the Man Madhouse I´am…

  • Hole me Up


    Roadrunner Records             Hecho en Brasil  1- Laughing 2- Just the way you are 3- So outta line 4- There you are 5- you know what i mean 6- Out of the red 7- Never take the place of your man 8- Hey 9- On your side 10- 22 secods 11-…

  • Against


    Cd bajo la licencia de The All Blacks.                  Hecho en Brasil. 1- Against 2- Choke 3- Rumors 4- Old earth 5- Floaters in mud 6- Boycott 7- Tribus 8- Common bonds 9- F.O.E 10- Reza 11- Unconscious 12- Kamaitachi 13- Drowned out 14- Hatred aside 15- T3ecer…

  • Three decades of roadrunner


    2013 Roadrunner Records                         Made in the EU. Box-Set  4 Cd’s CD 1 Foundations 1- Evil(Mercyful Fate) 2- Power Thrashing Death(Whiplash) 3- Abigail(King Diamond) 4- Carnivore(Carnivore) 5- Slowly we Rot(Obituary) 6- Alison Hell(Annihilator) 7- Sacrificial Suicide(Deicide) 8- Infecting the Crypts(Suffocation) 9- Punishment(Biohazard) 10- Christian Woman(Type…

  • Portada Electric Light Orchestra Friends And Relatives

    Friends and relatives


    Eagle Records                  Hecho en Brasil CD One Intro (Live) – Tony Curtis Rockaria! (Live) – Electric Light Orchestra Telephone Line (Live) – Electric Light Orchestra Are You Ready To Rock – Wizzard Let There Be Drums – Bev Bevan Fire Brigade  – The Move Top Ten –…

  • the bartender and the thief


    1993 Roadrunner                   Hecho  En Brasil The Bartender and the Thief She Takes her Clothes Off The Bartender and the Thief Traffic (Live) Raymonds Shop (Live)