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  • Over the under


    2007 Roadrunner Records Three suns and one star The path N.O.D. I scream On march the saints Never try Mourn Beneath the tides His majesty the desert Pillamyd In the thrall of it all Nothing in return (walk away)

  • All the right reasons


    2005 Roadrunner Records                         Hecho en Colombia Follow you home Right for all the wrong reasons Photograph Animals Savin’ me Far away Next contestant Side of a bullet If everyone cared Someone that you’re with Rockstar

  • Solidify


    Isolation Amped Lockdown Griefeless Fo Resight Human? Vindicate Stresscase Challenge Verrater (Btrayer) Bug Juice

  • Soulfly


    1998 The All Blacks B.V                 Made In U.S.A. Eye For An Eye No Hope = No Fear Bleed Tribe Bumba* First Commandment Bumbklaatt Soulfly ** Umbabarauma* Quilombo Fire The Song Remains Insane No Prejudice Karmageddon

  • The Astonishing


    2016  CD Systems de Colombia              Act 1 1- Descent of the Nomacs 2- Dystopian Overture 3- The Gift of Music 4- The Answer 5- A Better Life 6- Lord Nafaryus 7- A Savior in the Square 8- When Your Time Has Come 9- Act of Faythe 10- Three Days…

  • Giving the Devil His Due


    2003 Roadrunner Records.           Industria Brasileira 1- Headstones and the Walking Dead 2- Big Truck (Hand On Wheel Mix) 3- Pig (Original Version) 4- Bradley (Going Postal Mix) 5- Sway (Hypno+Submissive Mix) 6- Not Living (Original Version) 7- Blisters 8- El Cu Cuy (Man to Monster Mix) 9- Wishes 10- Apparition 11-…

  • Breaking the fourth wall


    2014  RoadRunner Records                                    Made in The EU. The Enemy Inside The Shattered Fortress On The Backs Of Angels The Looking Glass Trial Of Tears Enigma Machine Along For The Ride Breaking All Illusions The Mirror Lie Lifting Shadows…

  • Dream Theater


    2013 Roadrunner Records Inc.        Hecho en Colombia False Awakening Suite I. Sleep Paralysis II. Night Terrors III. Lucid Dream The Enemy Inside The Looking Glass Enigma Machine The Bigger Picture Behind the Veil Surrender to Reason Along for the Ride Illumination Theory I. Paradoexe de la Lumière Noire II. Live, Die, Kill…

  • Chimaira


    Cd bajo la licencia de The all blacks. Hecho en USA, 2005. CD 1: 1- Nothing Remanins 2- Save Ourselves 3- Inside the Horror 4- Salvation 5- Comatose 6- Left for Dead 7- Everything Your Love 8- Bloodlust 9- Pray for All 10- Lazarus BONUS CD 1- Clayden 2- Malignant 3- Power Trip 4- Cleansation…