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  • Tyrany of Souls


    2005 Sanctuary Records            Made in U.S.A. Mars Within (Intro)  1:41 Abduction   3:52 Soul Intruders   3:54 Kill Devil Hill   5:09 Navigate The Seas Of The Sun   5:53 River Of No Return  5:15 Power Of The Sun   3:31 Devil On A Hog   4:03 Believil       4:52 A T yranny Of Soul…

  • Kissing the Beast


    2003 Sanctuary Records         Industria Brasileira Disc One Cursed Need To Kill In Memory Of (Paul Miller 1964-90) Wolverine Arachnid I’m Paralysed Crucified Into The Fire Riddle Of Steel Shadow King Trinity MCMXLV 0530 Black Legions Parasite Acid Tribes Even In Heaven Kissing The Beast CD Two Live Like An Angel Welcome To…

  • The Collection


    2006 Sanctuary Records          Made in the UK. Love Machine Easy Livin’ Look At Yourself July Morning Firefly Running All Night (With The Lion) Retun To Fantasy Been Away Too Long Rainbow Demon Gypsy That’s The Way That It Is Wake Up (Set Your Sights) Love Is Blind Can’t Keep A Good…

  • A long day’s night


    2002  Sanctuary Visual Entertainment        Made in U.S.A.        060768833296 Stairway To The Stars Burning For You OD’d On Life Itself E.T.I. Dance On Stilts Harvester Of Eyes Buck’s Boogie Quicklime Girl Flaming Telepaths Harvest Moon Last Days Of May Cities On Flame M.E. 262 Perfect Water Lips In The Hills…

  • Accident of birth


    1997 Sanctuary  Records                 Made in the U.S.A. Disc One: Original Album Freak Toltec 7 Arrival Starchildren Taking The Queen Darkside Of Aquarius Road To Hell Man Of Sorrows Accident Of Birth The Magician Welcome To The Pit Omega Arc Of Space Disc Two: Bonus Tracks The Ghost Of…



    1999 Racket Records                                           Made in England The Answering Machine       3:44 Afraid Of Sunrise        4:16 The Space        5:54 The Great Escape      7:01 Afraid Of Sunlight   …



    1999   Sanctuary                                      Made in England A Legacy        6:16 Deserve       4:23 Go!         6:11 Rich        5:42 Enlightened       4:59 Built-in Bastard Radar      4:52 Tumble Down…