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  • Venus Doom


    2007 Sire Records                          Hecho en México Venus doom Love in cold blood Passion’s killing floor The kiss of dawn Sleepwalking past hope Dead lover’s lane Song or suicide Bleed well Cyanide sun

  • Marcador

    Ship of Memories

  • lovebubble


    1993 Sire Records       Made in Germany Sunday A.M. Hppily Ever After Sound And Vision Hunny Hunny Trouble In A Bubble Chatterbox (pt. 1) Salve My Soul Woyaya Boy Pop Flower In My Hand Enchanted Tambourine Leap Of Faith Chatterbox (pt. 2)

  • Tommy page


    1990 Sonolux                                 Hecho en Colombia               23(1031)00119 Lado A 1- A Zillion Kisses 2- Turning me On 3- African Sunset 4- I Think I’m in Love 5- Hard to be Normal Lado B 1- I…

  • Dark light


    2006   K Discos                                Hecho en Colombia Vampire Heart      4:46 Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly     3:30 Under The Rose      4:50 Killing Loneliness      4:29 Dark Light       4:31 Behind The Crimson Door …

  • Ramones mania


    1988  Sire Records                  Hecho en Argentina  1- I wanna be sedated 2- Teenage lobotomy 3- Do you remember rock´n roll radio ? 4- Gimme gimme shock treatment 5- Beat on the brat 6- Sheena is a punk rocker 7- I wanna live 8- Pinhead 9- Blitzkrieg bop…

  • Little creatures


    1985   Sire Records                                         Made in U.S.A. And She Was       3:36 Give Me Back My Name     3:20 Creatures Of Love      4:12 The Lady Don’t Mind     4:03 Perfect World      4:26…

  • Live in london


    2010 Sire Records   Industria Argentina CD On The Radio Eet Folding Chair Sailor Song Blue Lips Apres Moi Dnce Anthem Of The 80´s Silly Eye -Color Generalizations Bobbing For Apples Wallet Ode To Divorce That Time The Calculation Machine Laughing With Man Of A Thousand Faces Hotel Song US Fidelity Samson The Call Love, You´re…

  • Elevator


    2005   Warner Music                                Hecho en Colombia Introduction        0:17 Running Out of Time      2:45 Goodnight Goodnight     2:10 Ladies And Gentleman      2:55 You Owe Mr And IOU      3:04 No Jokes    Fact …

  • pig symphony


    1993 Sire Records        Made in U.S.A. Talking Backwards Breathing Underwater Beautiful People Watermelon Oceanside Silver Surfing Evelyn Little Pieces Goofball Sleeping Sickness Fountain Of You

  • Begin to Hope


    2006 Sire Records          Industria Argentina Fidelity Better Samson On The Radio Field Below Hotel Song Aprés Moi 20 Years of Snow That Time Edit Lady Summer In The City

  • Desert Wind


    1989 Sire Records           Made in U.S.A.                        9259762 Whish me Look     4:10 Ya Ba Ye      5:06 Middle East     4:37 I Want to Fly     4:26 Slave Dream     4:45 Taw Shi      3:28 MM’MMA(My Brothers are…

  • Talesof 1001 Nights


    1990 Sire Records.        Made in U.S.A. 1- Can you hear me? 2- Touching once(is so hard to keep) 3- Midas man 4- Northern lights 5- A song for all seasons 6- Jekyll and hyde 7- The winter tree 8- Ashes are burning