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  • Sacred Cow


    1996 Warner Bross           Made in Germany Granddad’s Opening Address Whoever  You Are Lotta Stuff Century Plant 2000 Sacred Cow House Of Usher (Inside) Don’t Close The Door Such A Beautiful Night She Withers Las Vegas With The Lights Out Mem Shed Gina

  • Harbinger


    1994 Warner Bros Records                Made in U.S.A Happy Home I´am so Ordinary Saturn Girl Watch the Woman´s Hands Bethlehem Chiaroscuro Black Boots Oh John Our Revenge Dear Gertrude Hitler´s Brothers She Can´t Feel Anything Anymore Garden of Eden The Ladder

  • sooner or later


    1982 Warner Bros         Made in U.S.A.            729956 A1- Sooner or Later        3:28 B1- I Feel Good              3:39  

  • Jimi Hendrix


    1999  Warner Home                    Hecho en México                ZL11267 Documentary : Un perfil rockumental de una verdadera “música original” Duración:  102 min Zona: 4

  • Harry potter and the chamber


    2002 Warner Music,        Hecho en Colombia  1-Prologue:book II and the escape from the dursleys 2- Fawkes the phoenix 3- The chamber of secrets 4- Gilderoy lockhart 5-The flying car 6-Knockturn alley 7- Introducing colin 8-The dueling club 9-  Dobby the house elf 10-The spiders 11- Moaning myrtle 12-Meeting aragog 13-Fawkes is reborn…

  • Howard Stern: Private Parts


    1997 Warner Bros Records            Made in Germany Pig Virus The Great American Nightmare – Rob Zombie And Howard Stern Mama Look — A Boo Boo I Make My Own Rules – With Flea, Dave Navarro and Chad Smith The Match Game Hard Charger  – Porno For Pyros Moti The Suck For Your…