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  • I Can


    202 Yep Roc Records                Made In U.S.A The Future ,Magic Summertime Now We’re Strangers I’m Lucky Desert Song Who You Gonna Dance With Never Have To Fall In Love Again (Featuring Benji Hughes) Crooked Man Bun In The Oven So Easy Looking To Look For Don’t Say No…

  • Lifes a Riot with Spy vs Spy


    2006 Elektra Entertainment Group                 Made in U.S.A. 1- The Milkman of Human Kindness 2- To Have and to Have Not 3- Richard 4- A New England 6- The Busy Girl Buys Beauty 7- Lovers Town Revisited 8- Strange Things Happen(Alternative Version) 9- The Cloth(1) 10- Love Lives Here…

  • The Nihilist


    2014 Lester Osbourne              Made in U.S.A.  1- Ocean emmanuelle 2- The nihilist 3- Snug as fuck 4- Helena bonham carter 5- Burn up the road 6- Dreary droop 7- Miracle glance 8- 4 track somper 9- Arrow 10- I 11- Wild animal 12- Wrestle with dad